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Rossana , Promotion 2018 , Etudiante

“ Program value : The program was very rewarding ”

Avis déposé le 03/10/2018

Note globale : ★★★★★

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Program value : The program was very rewarding as I have gained invaluable experience in digital marketing and communication in the creative field: I have been able to lead hands-on projects for reputed companies and strengthen my knowledge of project management. Finally, I have learnt many editing programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, or digital marketing tools which are becoming more and more crucial to take on the challenges of the digital world.

Quality of professors : Professors are highly qualified in their fields and eager to share their expertise. Most of them are important actors in their field of teaching, thus the content of their course is more practical and adapted to today’s issues. It was a pleasure to attend the courses at IE because of such interesting contents and innate public speakers.

Ability of the course to prepare you to your career : Yes, I believe this degree has prepared me well for my career as I have been able to gain the experience I was missing to take on the professional world. From learning the basics of visual production (image and video making) to managing communication and marketing campaigns from A to Z with the help of experts, has enabled me to interact with professionals in the creative field and thus, lead each phase of a creative project efficiently.