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The Citi Supplier Diversity Program works to create mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers that strengthen the communities we serve and create value for our shareholders. The primary thrust of this program is to provide maximum opportunity to diverse suppliers and consultants who satisfy our purchasing and contractual standards. Sourcing areas of the corporation are encouraged to identify and include diverse suppliers and consultants in the procurement process.

Citi's search for diverse suppliers is not limited to those suppliers who already meet purchasing and contractual requirements. A secondary objective of the program is to provide technical and managerial assistance that will help suppliers meet our criteria. With this assistance, we hope to give more diverse suppliers access to corporate buyers.

Citi is committed to assisting diverse suppliers in their growth and development on a long-term basis. Today, Citi Supplier Diversity encompasses all of Citi's businesses in the United States. The Supplier Diversity Program is responsible for supporting and encouraging each business group in the effort to identify and include diverse suppliers and consultants in their purchasing activities. The Supplier Diversity Program maintains a list of diverse suppliers, seeks additional suppliers for referral to purchasing areas, and secures the technical and managerial assistance needed to help qualify diverse suppliers.

The program provides diverse suppliers with equal access to business opportunities, financial services and technical assistance. As Citi looks to the future, we recognize that working with a wide range of professional, diverse suppliers and consultants in the communities we serve is important.