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Brochot is an engineering company specializing in the design, manufacture and on-site installation of special machinery for newly constructed plants, stand-alone equipment and renovation projects within the non-ferrous metal industry.

The Brochot Group’s mission is to:

● Design and manufacture of custom-made Equipment while driving innovation
● Work closely with customers to comply with quality standards, costs and schedules. Build team spirit and monitor safety at every stage of the project life cycle
● Set up multinational and multicultural project management teams in order to provide excellent customer service
● Plan ahead: employee safety, Equipment testing and quality assurance, adaptability to user conditions and cultures

● Become a leader in all our areas of expertise
● Be recognized as a driving force for both equipment and process development
● Build long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust with our customers, and welcome feedback in order to maintain our technological lead
● Provide local services

Brochot is a French company with 10 subsidiaries/branches across 4 continents.
Global presence enables the company to offer international project management services. Most products can be manufactured locally.
The Brochot team is committed to carefully considering and meeting its customers’ needs so as to build a positive working relationship between the different players.
This approach, together with local after-sales services (either through its own subsidiaries or local representatives), is a major advantage for Brochot.