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BORGET, Schoolgirl in class Terminal, Altis

111 people found this review useful

“ A good working atmosphere ”


Review 09/05/2016

Very good organization of the enterprise...

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Fanny Mercier, Advisor client individuals, Credit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest

35 people found this review useful

“ Une expérience formatrice et enrichissante ”


Review 09/11/2017

The most: Corporate Culture...

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Mehdi Bentahar, Financial analyst, bny mellon

33 people found this review useful

“ Les plus : Connaissances fonds alternatifs ”


Review 05/11/2017

Bilan : Expérience. Connaissance produits dérivés...

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Severine Cuzon, Autoentreprneur, La vallée blanche d'oceanne

26 people found this review useful

“ Review: This has been a rewarding experience ”


Review 30/10/2017

Compétences développées : complète autonomie...

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